The Mac Pro Apple WISHES they built – pt 1

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We plan to take on Apple’s new Mac Pro with our own Hack Pro. We’re going to build better, stronger, and faster. Dual AMD Radeon VII GPUs, Gigabyte’s C621 Aorus Xtreme, and the Intel Xeon W-3175x will power this behemoth of a pc, all while tucked in Apple G5 case. Can we do it?

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  1. well now that all these tech utuber have ads ontop of ads, I dont listen to any of them and skip ahead. sorry but I don't like forced ads, I won't click any of those links either , so for this video I've skips both your videos the one at the start and at the end , Iwill keep doing this.

    I like your content but I won't be forced to watch ads

  2. This is why you have to give credit to Apple, they managed to pack all that power and expansion slots in a compact way that will be mass produced. I might not buy Apple products, but in some cases I can understand their prices

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