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►WE ARE OPENING MORE NEW POKEMON HIDDEN FATES BOOSTERS!! Today we are opening the Brand New and rare set Hidden Fates. I try to buy as many Pokemon Hidden Fates Tins and Hidden Fates Pin Collections as possible. Hidden Fates has a bunch of Ultra Rare Shiny Pokemon Full Art Cards including a ULTRA RARE Full Art Shiny Charizard GX Worth about $10,000 if PSA 10!

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  1. Math Time!!! 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😎🤓

    THEORY: Ando will get shiny Charizard in 360 packs. *Some of the math is assuming that we start counting after this video/not including all the ones before as it is a mix of tins and pin sets, and the math below is just for tins as "they have a better pull ratio."

    360 packs.
    4 packs per tin.
    Means you need 90 tins (if use tins only) to meet the goal.

    360 packs.
    11 cards each -per Pokemon center website, (Each pack contains 10 cards and 1 basic Energy in Hidden Fates).
    Total of 3,960 cards seen.
    If shiny Charizard is 1/360 packs,
    Then it is 1/3960.
    Percentage chance to find it: 0.025%

    If want to open them every day for a month.
    30 days.
    90 tins.
    Means opening 3 tins (12 packs/132 cards) a day.

    AVG $30 AUD-$40 AUD per Tin.
    Needs 90 tins (if using them alone).
    Daily cost of 3 tins per day: $90-$120 AUD before taxes and shipping.

    TOTAL COST: $2,700-$3,600 AUD Before taxes AND shipping.

    I would love to see your challenge for this set, Ando! Your exuberance make me smile. 😘

  2. By the power of arceus i demand unlisted leaf to open another one of these or else he will never pull another banger! He better do it because I love seeing him pull bangers and because i absolutely love this type of pack and i cant't get it myself.

  3. A fact- In spanish 1 is called Uno, 2 is called dos and 3 is called tres and look at this ArticUNO, ZapDOS and MolTRES they three are in spanish called one by one

  4. Hey i am going to be honest ever since i watched u agian i got gxs exs and breaks cause yesterday i got a break and gx and i did ur magoc shuffle thank u so much ando

  5. Hi ando! You should try and get more hidden fates tins, the pull ratios are insane. Your good friend realbreakingnate just pulles the shiny charizard gx off of a gyrados tin! Greetings all the way fron nexico

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