President Donald Trump: 'Chris Cuomo was out of control'

Donald Trump piled on Chris Cuomo on Tuesday after the CNN anchor uncorked a series of F-bombs at a man who called him ‘Fredo’ in public – and threatened to beat him up. The unidentified man claimed he genuinely thought Cuomo’s first name was Fredo; it’s the nickname conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh uses for the CNN host. Fredo Corleone was the dimwitted and disloyal older brother of Michael Corleone, the central character in ‘The Godfather.’ As CNN reeled from the public relations damage caused by one of its stars boasting to a viewer that he would ‘f***ing throw you down these stairs like a f***ing punk,’ the president weighed in. ‘I thought Chris was Fredo also,’ Trump tweeted. ‘The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN.’

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  1. Ah Huh….Donnie you wouldn't have done that …..because …… are such a stand up guy, no wait …its more because you are a spineless name calling coward who hides behind anything available to you and because as the high ruling con man you are your mouth is all that works.

  2. When you are of low intellect or dont have anything to intellectually or factual to add to a conversation or debate. you just call people names. It's so simple. And simple people fall for it.

  3. No justice at all. For democrats it's like there is no-one who is wrong on their side. How can he view this video of himself and not be ashamed of his behaviour?? No he can't his mind is so twisted from all his lies he doesn't know right from wrong anymore
    The bible talks about a seared conscience that's what the left has become so blinded to truth they cannot see their own immorality at all
    We are living the last days
    What's going to happen at polling booths are people going to be free to vote? will they be attacked? Will the police stand by and watch? Will immigrants get to vote illegally? I shudder to think
    Pray for your country

  4. Lol who do we believe left or right i say f**k it I'll stay in the middle both sides are to extreme theres no respect this country is more divided than ever before. It is scary to see what AMERICA has become

  5. This guy watches way too much TV.. Isnt this guy the president? WTF? doesn't he have better things to do besides watch cable news all friggin day?? I come home from work to see this guy has been watching TV all day again!! No wonder the country's in the gutter.. This lazy ass president watches TV and plays golf all day.. smh

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