Opening A NEW Dream League Booster Box

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Today we are opening the BRAND NEW Pokemon Card set Dream League! This set features the new Ultra Rare Pokemon Card Rainbow Rare Dream League Card Designs! THAT’S RIGHT! WE GOT NEW CARDS!!! How many newly Design Pokemon Rare Card can we pull?


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  1. Hi Ando I love your channel I am your biggest fan I love your Chanel
    You are my hero I have pulled ranbow rare Luna and loods of Gxs and a Hopa ex I really want to pull a rainbow rare charizard and Resheram from your boy Jake

  2. Why isn’t anyone talking about why black and white is being referenced in soo many sets
    To name a few cards
    2.reshiram and zecrom
    3.charizard and reshiram
    4.pikachu and zecrom
    And there have been a lot of b&w pokemon confirmed for sword and sheild

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