Mystery man leaves vintage TVs on neighborhood front porches

Residents of a Virginia neighborhood woke up to find vintage model televisions had been left outside their homes over the weekend – by a man with a TV set on his head (left). Home doorbell surveillance footage in Henrico County captured the bizarre drop off (right), as the disguised prankster deposited old TVs to the neighborhood’s front porches. In the video shared by WTVR-TV, the man can be seen wearing an outdated television and a jumpsuit as he strolls up to homes. 

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  1. I wish some mysterious person would put a breifcase full of cash on my door step… I definitely won't bring the news or police in that 😂😂😂 😂

  2. These townsfolk have no brains if they're calling in police resources to gather them up. Lazy people, do they call the police when people litter, too?

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