Boris Johnson: United States will be tough negotiators in trade deal

The Prime Minister´s remarks come after Donald Trump´s national security adviser said the UK would be `first in line´ for a deal with the US.

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  1. Bobo The Assclown will dance the marushka while the rest of you starve. They're already printing ration booklets. Pharmaceutical ration booklets. Petrol rationing. It'll be like old times.😂😁😀😊😄

  2. US don`t pay benefits for own citizens do you seriously think they will give you the trade deal to cover all expenses you suffered exiting? Wake up

  3. Any disagreements between the U.S. and Great Britain will be as disagreements with a brother – soon resolved and forgotten.
    Any nation that takes a shot at our older brother will have to deal with the younger brother as well.
    We will be at your side in a heartbeat.

  4. >leave the EU
    >negotiate another trade deal
    So, I guess it's one step backward, one step forward, and then calling that a "win"? lol. Ideology over facts and reality for these people, I guess.

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