Boris Johnson admits no-deal Brexit will cause 'bumps in the road'

Boris Johnson (pictured today as he visited Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro) is under mounting pressure from MPs to recall Parliament as fears continue to rise about the damage a No Deal Brexit could do to the UK economy. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell (pictured during a television interview this morning) formally threw Labour’s weight behind demands for Mr Johnson to cut short Parliament’s summer recess to face MPs at Westminster. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn later echoed his frontbench ally’s demands as he said the Commons must be brought back early so MPs can scrutinise Mr Johnson’s Brexit plans.

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  1. His Brexit strategy notes in the background; observe the no deal rainbow that everyone will see in the sky on Brexit day, maybe even a few brexit unicorns too.

  2. i assume all brexiteers will no longer holiday in europe, while others will sell their spanish villas & spend their holidays in britain to help our economy, rather than a country in the eu, or anywhere else for that matter; after all, britain will need all the monetary aid it can get.
    to not do so would be tantamount to treason.
    i'm sure every true brit would agree with this.

  3. No deal Brexit is the perfect political device – it punishes the very people who voted for it. Have you noticed how this prat is constantly suppressing laughter. He can’t believe his luck.

  4. people certainly didnt want or expect a turkish ottoman to lead the UK..this man is nothing but a wolf in ships clothing and will divide Europe and the UK..he will destroy years of hard works.of those who had the vision of united Europe..expect not only recession but wars which is what the arab world wants…mongolic arabs bedouins stick for one another if we are divided we're in trouble

  5. We have had bumps in the roads for a long time we fix them and we move on and upwards, come on Boris your the only man that can do this British people are counting on you.

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