Assembling the new Trans and on the Corvette!

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HUGE thank you to the sponsors supporting the channel and each build!!

Suspension – BMR Suspension
Shocks – Viking Performance
Exhaust – Corsa Performance
Supercharger/Tuner – VMP Performance
Parachute – Stroud Safety
Shifter – Hurst

Race Truck:
Nitrous Kit – NOS
Highrise Manifold/Fuel Rails – Holley EFI
Tuning – Mexico Racing League

Coilovers – Raceland
Engine Management – DIY Auto Tune/ Hoffman Inovations
Turbo Kit – Flyin’ Miata
Roll Bar – Track Dog Racing
Body Kit – KBD

Bendpak –
MIG 250 –
Versa Cut 60 –
Panoramic Welding Helmet –


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  1. Hey guys I surprised him with his dream wheels.

    One week later Harry is not with us anymore he told me he didn’t wanna work here anymore grabbed his stuff and bounced

    My dude took them wheels and ran with it lol

  2. No offense man.. aside from giving him the wheels… in the past videos, the way u treated him wasn’t cool. I understand him bouncing. There have been many many comments I’ve seen aside from this one where ppl have tried to bring this to your attention. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure ur not a bad kid and all but, this should teach you not to under appreciate your friends/employees.

  3. Hey Gavin I'm the previous transmission owner. Apparently there was a typo or misunderstanding, but the transmission actually has 310,000 miles..

  4. Honking car locking wakes people up and creates Noise Stress Everywhere. We can hear it in our apartments and our houses when you park. It wakes our kids up.
    Please Break the Honk Habit.
    Please lock your car with light flash only. The Auto Industry needs to use technology that doesn't emit Noise into our neighborhoods. Thank you.

  5. Two weeks notice is just a courtesy, not a mandatory requirement.

    I didn't see a remote clutch bleeder kit in your parts pile. Good luck bleeding the clutch.

    And for anyone else going to do this job, replace the fuel filter when you have the rear end out. Easy at this stage. Much more difficult when the car is assembled.

  6. Shit I may not know much, but I'm quick to learn, if you got another open spot >_> I love you guys and all of your personalities. I really hope Harry finds what he wants in life and hopefully he will get straight and bring his V up to race with yall

  7. You could definitely tell over time that Harry was starting to lose it fr. He just quit being happy and energetic like he has been the entire time before. Sucks because I loved seeing him in the videos. Keep grinding though. Living all our dreams right now

  8. you say youre not mad at harry yet started singing song lyrics saying "better off without you homie" remember how much he helped you and how much you learned off him… knowledge is wealth. and he gave you that.

  9. Man y’all are all very young. You’ll see as you go. People do change, bridges burn and tables turn. Always good to watch out for the people around you but be careful man and keep your circle small. Love the channel Hoss. Hate to see Harry go but it does happen.

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