Apple Watch Series 5 Review: One Big Tradeoff!

Apple Watch Series 5. You already know Apple Watch. Add one big tradeoff.

Apple Watch Series 5:
Apple Watch Series 4:
Apple Watch Series 3:

The Death of AirPower: Explained!

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  1. What a fucking dumb reason/incentive to upgrade…JUST for always on display which destroys your battery life…when will Apple sheep realise the company just rips them off every time?!

    Stop buying these outdated products with lackluster features. Pressure Apple into start innovating again and not giving you tech that's a few years old and charging a shitload for it.

  2. Marques great vid as usual. I always enjoy hearing your perspectives on all things Apple.
    Thank you for explaining the new display tech that is powering the always on display. I do think Apple could give users of the older Apple Watch the always on option even of the battery life is like 1 hour 🤡.
    I am curious what made you select the Aluminum vs the stainless or titanium/ceramic model?

  3. @mkbhd I strongly believe its subjective to every user. I briefly had Series 4 SS gold with Cellular off, 3 apps, no music, and only notifications for messages and phone calls. I was able to charge every other night. Doubt Series 5 will change for me with my use. Can u please reply?

  4. Sounds like I’ll be using the Series 5 as a Series 4 at my retail job (since the wrist turn doesn’t bother me as someone who’s been doing that with my Series 0 for the past 4 years) while enabling the always-on feature whenever traveling or hanging out with others.

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